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Multiple Shape Bright Bar

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SHRI BHAGAVATI BRIGHT BARS LIMITED is specializes in manufacturing carbon, alloy and special steel products in Rounds, Squares, Flats and Special Profiles. These products are major raw material for Automobile, Engineering and Forging industries. SBBBL also exports large quantity to various countries.

SHRI BHAGAVATI BRIGHT BARS LIMITED is manufacturing the wide range of Bright Bars like Triangle, Square, Round, Hexagonal, Flat, D Shape, Double D Shape, Oval Shape Bright Bars from the Wire Rod of basic prime raw material of steel manufacturer.

SHRI BHAGAVATI BRIGHT BARS LIMITED can manufacture Bright Bars which is widely known for its durability and quality.

SHRI BHAGAVATI BRIGHT BARS LIMITED to become a quality manufacturer of Flat, Square and Special/Custom/ Tailor made Shaped Bright Bars and Wires to companies throughout the India.

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