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Shaped Bright Bar

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SBBBL is having a wealth of Experience in producing SHAPE BRIGHT BAR in any size and Grade. It is developed from basic raw material of Wire Rod. SBBBL can offer it made from mild steel, free cutting steel, medium carbon steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and Non Ferrous Material.

The process of cold drawing is a procedure by which the metal is formed in order to achieve complex profile cross sections of excellent precision. After careful pre-treatment and descaling the special profile bars are drawn through a forming die. This operation can be repeated up to three or four times.

Cold drawing of special profiles tightens the cross-section tolerances, thus leading to significant improvement in dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Cold drawn special profiles offer the same precision achieved by machining – but without the waste.

Cold drawn special profiles offer extensive advantages,

• Smooth and scale-free surface

• Sharp edges

• Uninterrupted grain orientation

• Increased tensile strength and yield point

SBBBL manufacture it in any edge like Self Edge, Round Corner Edge, Drawn Edge etc… to meet the wide range of application in required Special low hardness and in soft material.

Our Technical Specialists can assist in design and development of special shapes tailored to your application.

Whatever your application, SBBBL will be happy to discuss your requirements.


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